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Timber Swing Set & Climbing Frame Infomation

Round Poles

Some of our swing sets are made from round poles manufactured using whole tree trunks trimmed to size. Often naturally occurring splits will appear in the poles. In warm sunny weather the wood shrinks, in wet weather it expands. These physical changes cause the cracks. We design our round poles to be really thick so that even wood splits like the one shown in the picture below won't affect the overall strength of the pole. 

Safety is as important to us as having fun and we’d like to reassure our customers that the majority of wood splits will never become deep or wide enough to affect the reliability and strength of our swing sets.

We use round poles because they have excellent natural properties. Part of what makes using organic materials like wood great is that each piece bears its own knots, cracks and variation in colour. They are very strong and pressure treated to ensure that our swing sets are among the safest and most durable around.

Remember to follow the maintenance guidelines included in the instructions for your swing set and from time to time carefully sand smooth any splinters or surface scaling.

All manufacturers using round poles experience queries from customers about wood splits but if you have concerns please email your purchase details and pictures to


Dimensional Timber

Many wooden play centres and swing sets are constructed using dimensional timber, sometimes referred to as square cut wood. Dimensional soft wood shrinks and expands the same as round pole. Splits are far less common in this type of wood and though they may still occur, rest assured that our dimensional play centres and swing sets are designed to ensure that these have no effect on the overall strength. 

Dimensional timber is versatile and is used in many of our products, from sandpits right up to our large Play Centres. Dimensional sets are manufactured using either Chinese Fir, a Cedar hardwood that can be identified by its red colour or Polish Pine, a lighter coloured softwood that is pressure treated to safeguard its longevity.

While dimensional timber generally does not require a large amount of maintenance, it is important to follow the maintenance guidelines included in the instructions for your play centre or swing set and from time to time carefully sand smooth any splinters.

Here are a few examples of dimensional splits that are natural, not faults:
plum acceptable wood splits

If you have any concerns about your dimensional play centre or swing set please email your purchase details and pictures to

Wood Colouration

plum wood colouration

Certified FSC® pine from Poland is used in both Plum round pole and dimensional play centres and swing sets. To make sure it is as resilient as possible, the wood is vacuum pressure treated. This safeguards it against wood-destroying insects and fungi that can cause soft-rot.

After the treatment process it is natural for a green mottling to become visible on the surface of the wood. This colouration is caused when the copper based treatment which serves as the preservative reacts with the resin already present in the timber.

Pressure treatment is a vitally important process in increasing the long term resilience of the wood. Innovation in our timber treated products ensures that the preservative is both weather-resistant and safe to humans and your garden plants alike.


We do not offer exchanges or refunds if you receive a product with normal wood cracks or splits.  Where a split interferes with affixing that part to the play centre then we can have this replaced for you.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about our wood.

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